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Jordan Politicians Show Us How it is Done

It takes a rare action for people in the U.S. to stand up and take notice. Typically we tend to ignore other countries because they are other countries. But after watching this video clip of a debate that 'got real' involving a member of Jordan's Parliament, I think they are on to something.

Check out the clip. The real action happens at about the 1:10 mark.


Okay throwing the shoe is a pussy move for sure, but then the guy calmly pulls out what looks to be a .38 special from the back of his waistband. But you know what the scary thing is? Neither the other guy nor the host seemed to care that he was packing heat. Either they didn't see it or the political races in some of these Middle Eastern countries put us to shame.

Can you imagine what are political situation would be like if firearms entered the equation? Early this year when Rick Perry had his epic meltdown during that debate where he couldn't name specific agencies of the government would have happened.

"Governor Perry, what were the other government agencies?"

"Son, how bout we move on to another question before my Colt's get upset with you," Click-click.

Of course if that was the case then I think Sarah Palin would have done much better with her political career since she has a thing for rifles. After all, our first president was a general. Anyway...

How bad is life in countries like Jordan that when a gun is pulled on your TV show you actually step between the two guys. I like Brian Williams and Anderson Cooper but those guys would be diving behind their desks and waiting for the dust to clear.

First Korea, then Greece, and now Jordan are all aiming for the craziest politicians of the year. To think, our presidential election campaign season is just starting to open up. But I doubt we can top that. And to think, people say Americans are violent.