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Jimmy Kimmel has some of the best Funny Videos

Jimmy Kimmel's rise to fame started back in the heydays of the Man Show. From the beginning many of us knew he was destined for greatness because he firmly had his thumb on the pulse of what men enjoy; girls, jokes, and beer.  Now that he is at the helm of Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel we have begun to rely on his comic wit to produce some great clips and funny videos to watch on YouTube. It is rather hard to stay up late every night to tune in anymore without being a wreck after awhile. Don't let those 5-Hour Energy commercials fool you either; the liquid crack can only keep you going so long.

So the next day it is always fun to cruise the web and see what sort of funny videos have been posted from his show. My absolute favorite bit of his is the weekly compilation they show on Fridays titled 'This Week in Unnecessary Censorship'. This is easily my most watched tube of all the funny videos he posts. It is always must see TV.

One great thing about Kimmel is that most of his clips are perfectly safe for work. After you get past network TV censors, generally speaking it is all gravy for watching at work. Now the only downside to some of these funny videos is attracting attention to yourself. If you are constantly laughing your ass off in your cubicle, eventually someone will get wise.

A good idea is to pace yourself. Try to limit videos to one at a time and then only every 15 minutes or so. The downside is that people might think you are going a little crazy with the sporadic giggles and laughter. But then again, maybe they will just be thrilled that you are in a good mood.

If the boss does catch on to your hi-jinks then you just need to come clean. Pop on one of the funny videos and try to get the boss laughing too. They will probably still tell you to knock it off and get back to work, but at least it will happen with a smile.