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Jersey Shore Gets Drunk and Disorderly

It seems like this damn show will never die. MTV keeps trying to squeeze out as much juice from the Jersey crew as possible. Yet, when the truly cool events occur where the heck are the cameras?

Case in point; Deena Cortese (the not so good looking girl - not to be confused with all the other not so good looking girls...hell I think JWoww is the only bangable one in the bunch...anyway...                  ) was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct recently. What was she doing? Slapping cars! She was carted off to the station in handcuffs and had to wait for her parents to get her out a few hours later.

Side note: New Jersey is rather weird in that you don't need bail, just responsible adults to sign you out.

Now there was no mention of crews filming and since she did get taken way we have to assume that this actual 'reality' was not captured on camera which would be a huge waste. Not only is this exactly what people want to see (hint: train wrecks actually happening) but it is what we expect.

If you are going to base a show around a bunch of drunk morons who view tanning, doing laundry, and hitting the gym as some sort of religious experience then after a bit the bar is set very low for general behavior.

So is it any surprise that little Deena, who has gotten a nose job to go with some liposuction, gets rolling drunk and arrested? No, not really. Just like it isn't a surprise to see Paulie D on The Choice or Ronnie in the ring wrestling with Impact Wrestling. These guys are well past their 15 minutes and are grasping at anything to hold on when we have already gotten fairly bored with them.

At least the drunk and disorderly was a little bit interesting. Had she spiced it up a notch by wearing a clown suit or something then we might actually tune into the show that made them semi-famous. But alas, the show sucks, the cast are morons, and MTV needs a new gimmick to push again. Hey, ever thought about playing music videos? That used to be cool!