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It's Grillin' Time!


Spring is in full effect and with weather heating up that means only one thing - BBQ!

Are you ready?

More than likely, no you aren't. If you are a typical guy then like the rest of us here around the Manwall offices you left your grill in horrible condition after its last use. After sitting around all winter in a sad corner of your garage or yard, now is the time to give your favorite summertime tool a little TLC. That way when the time comes you will be ready to Grill It Up!

Step 1 - Clean your grill. Make it shine! You want to remove all that old gunk and funk off the grill with a brillo pad if need be. Make sure to clean out all the nooks and crannies and ensure everything is in proper working order. Heck, even give the outside a spit shine so that bad boy gleams.

Step 2 - Check your tools. A lot of times stuff gets shoved away in odd spots when not in use. There is nothing more embarrassing than not being able to find your tongs when you need them! If your stuff is old and shabby consider buying a nice grill set that comes in a case. They are easy to find every time.

Step 3 - Re-stock your supplies. Two bags of your favorite charcoal should be sitting comfortably in your garage or storage area and be easily accessible (or a full tank if you go gas). Wood chips, lighter fluid, and anything else like matches should be stocked next to the coals and ready for use. Don't forget to buy more marinade and sauces!

Step 4 - Clean up your patio. Wash off the funk from your furniture and trim the weeds. It doesn't have to look like Better Homes and Gardens but make sure it doesn't look like a wild jungle.

Step 5 - Buy some beer. I mean even if you don't have a BBQ anytime soon beer is always a good idea, right?

Step 6 - Call a bunch of people and have a party. You already did most of the prep work so now it is time for the payoff! Steaks, burgers, and dogs baby!

Added bonus, here are some great BBQ quotes you can feel free to use while manning the grill:

·       "The ladies love my thick meat."

·       "How do you like your steak burnt?"

·       "Kill a cow, start a fire, and let the magic begin."

·       "I didn't claw my way up the food chain to just sit here and east vegetables."

·       "Vegetarian is a Indian word meaning 'Bad Hunter'."

Now get out there and grill something!