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It's Cowboyboot Time!

Yes we finally have seen it all with these funny pictures of the new Cowboyboot by Adidas. Everything about these shoes makes you go WTF?

Adidas apparently wants to corner the market on the cowboyboot-tennis-shoe hybrids with this swanky number that can be yours for just a mere three hundred bucks. Yes is the look of the shoe didn't make you gag then surely the price tag will! Seriously, who the hell would pay that much money for shoes that ugly?

Mexican hipsters are currently waiting in line at Adidas to get the first few pairs so they can look pimp at the next rodeo event in San Antonio.

This makes sense as a joke; I mean you will get some funny pictures of anyone who is wearing this things. But other than that who is the market? Rodeo clowns who need more traction? Mexican wrestlers who want to be hip? Maybe the Dallas Mavericks can be convinced to wear them. Wait, no. Even Mark Cuban has better fashion sense than that.

Well for just today we will feature the Cowboyboot sneaker here on Manwall. Enjoy the funny pictures and laugh with your friends; that is what we are doing.