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It's a Cougar Life Baby!


Every time you think you have seen everything, life is always right there to prove you wrong. Over the weekend I was lying in bed late at night watching some of Godfather trilogy that was playing on AMC; that was when the incident occurred.

What was it you ask? It was

Usually late at night you get those dumb ass "call me" commercials with the barely legal girls begging you to call them for sexy talk at $8.99 per minute. But this was a commercial for dating Cougars. Color me intrigued!

Check out the ad spot they ran (and apparently have been running for over a year):

In case you didn't know, but the annoying pop song will remind you, that it's a cougar world and don't you just want to date a cougar too?

While I like the concept, the ad work looks a bit misleading. All the girls they have in the ad look to be no older than 32. Now unless they are marketing the 18 to 20-year-olds I can't see how they classify as cougars. At least on the website sample they have girls from age 33 to 40 (what nobody over 40?). The site states you can meet single moms and divorcees too!

So should you try it? Hell no...unless you like wasting money.

CougarLife looks exactly like Ashley Madison and other scam sites on the web trying to take advantage of us dudes when we are lonely and horny late at night. Yes there probably are some 'real girls' on there but they are only real in the sense that they message you to get you to pay for a full membership to see their notes.

It is ridiculously impossible to believe that 6 random women that happen to be in my immediate area would send messages to a mostly blank profile with no pictures within 30 minutes of it being posted. Just to be clear I was totally making a profile as research for this article and not because I was hoping to bang some cougars. Does anyone believe that? Plus their TOC states they do not do background checks on members or monitor interactions so you can't blame them if those girls never talk to you after you pay for a membership.

So the bottom line is that while the commercial is funny and banging cougars is a good time, this place is just another rip.