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Issues with ESPN the Body Issue

I am torn, I really am. On one hand I love the idea that ESPN had years ago for the 'Body' issue. Taking popular athletes and basically stripping them naked for provocative non-nude shots is rather genius. Who doesn't love sexy photos of hot girls?

Of course really a lot of the love had to do with seeing so much skin on girls like Hope Solo that you haven't had the chance to see before. But...the issues can be a bit hard to look at.

I mean, I am a big fan of male athletes as well...but really I have no need to see the Gronk in all his glory or Tyson Chandler showing off his ass on the cover of the magazine. If anyone at ESPN is listening, how about you make two issues? You could have one with male athletes and one with female athletes.

Yes I totally want to see as much of Ronda Rousey as possible. Sexy photos of hot girls like that are perfect! But, I don't want to have to be sidetracked by half naked men. Call a spade a spade; we are getting this issue to read as we frost the pastries. If you are appealing to the females then an all male magazine makes sense (also if you want to attract the gay male market as well).

So ESPN the Magazine, please, I beg you...stop messing with my porn-lite. I plan on going on a date with Fisty Palmer later and don't appreciate the constant interruption of images.

For those guys who only want the sexy photos of hot girls, we included a few in a gallery for you. Enjoy!