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If Loving Twins is wrong I Don't Want to be Right

Twins are a very special thing. For many men they are placed on a high pedestal (if they are hot). We think that it is wonderful because you have a chance to get with two women that look almost identical; unless they are fraternal and not identical. But then we wouldn't be having this discussion and looking at sexy photos now would we?

Of course there is a fatal flaw in the logic of trying to bag twins; most girls are not willing to get freaky with their sister. It's understandable when you think about it. There is no way I am ever making out with my brother no matter how hot the chick is.

But, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy sexy photos of beautiful twins and dream. A man can always dream can't he?

What caught my eye today was the lovely Brie and Nikki, known as the Bella Twins of WWE fame. They just did a nice photo shoot for Maxim and deserve a little of our manly attention (honestly the Maxim shoot was only nice and not outstanding...rather disappointing). Now to be honest these hotties are actually Brianna and Stephanie Garcia-Colace but I'm not one to split hairs about stage names when they have such smoking hot sexy photos for me to ogle.

So in honor of hot twins everywhere we compiled this gallery of sexy photos of twins that include the Bella girls as well as others. Enjoy!