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Hungover Games

With the Hunger Games coming out this weekend you knew that someone was going to start working on making fun of the epic looking movie. The people over at funnyOrDIE got right on it with this awesome funny movie - The Hungover Games.

As we here at Manwall fully support a good funny movie as well as most things from funnyOrDIE, we wanted to share this movie with you. Enjoy!


Now that funny movie gave us some ideas as well for our own Hangover Games. With no further introduction we present to you the Manwall Hungover Games Challenge 2012!


·       There must be at least 3 contestants and 1 judge

·       The contestants must pony up $20 of prize money in a winner take all format

·       All contestants must drink together and then sleep at the same location to ensure there is no aspirin or other methods utilized to detract from the hangover and the judge must be present

Playing the Game

·       The Judge will wake the contestants at an ungodly hour of 6am to start the challenges

·       Each challenge will have 1 winner getting 1 point

·       After all the challenges are completed the highest points win

·       The challenges shall be agreed upon the night before prior to and during the drinking phase

·       Every contestant shall get shit-faced during the drinking phase with the judge deciding when they are drunk enough

Challenge Ideas

·       East a Breakfast Slam at Denny's

·       Jogging any distance uphill

·       Eating raw eggs

·       Hulu Hoop challenge

·       Tricycle riding challenge

·       Hop-scotch challenge

Feel free to make up any and all crazy ideas for challenges. They should be tailored for your environment and be rather easy as the judge will have to deal with getting them ready (as the contestants will be drunk and hung-over). Ideally you set them up together before drinking, but who are we to judge. If possible record this stuff for your own funny movie to share here on Manwall later.