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How to prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Having issues with a limp noodle? Don't be embarrassed, it can happen to the best of us. But Bro's get all sensitive when their equipment isn't working right like somehow it makes them less of a man. Just to be clear, a man isn't measured by his erections (but his sex life is). So maybe you have been experiencing some problems lately. Yeah obviously this is angled towards the Bro's who are older because young bucks get constant erections they can use to pound nails through walls; I fondly remember those days.

But older guys often get stuck with a sexual slowdown in the mid-thirties and beyond which totally sucks because that is when a lot of women start hitting that sexual peak. Do you guys think that sucks? If so you might want to keep reading and see what we can do about that.

The Dreaded ED

Yeah, we said it; erectile dysfunction. Basically that is when you can't get a strong erection when you want to. It can happen to any guy (even though on average it becomes a problem when you start eating the early bird special). Why does it happen? There are lots of reasons such as stress, wearing skinny jeans (seriously those tight clothes cut off the blood flow), being worried about ED, and issues with your body. That is kind of ridiculous, adding injury to insult when you develop a mental block about having ED when you are having ED problems.

While it sucks if it happens, nowadays science has our back and dudes can see a doctor for some Viagra or Cialis. But some guys are embarrassed and don't always want to see the doctor. Who wants to admit they can't get wood when they want? Because when you rely on the little blue beauty people might notice. Plus having that 4-hour erection can be inconvenient sometimes. Who wants to have to remember to pop a pill X hours before party-time?

Over the Counter Options

Luckily there are some things the average Bro can take to help with a wood problem. We aren't talking about Horney Goat Weed or other weird stuff, but actual well known and regularly used supplements. The nice thing about this list is that all of these things help with ED and serve other purposes so most people won't even know the real reason why you are taking them. Even if you don't have an actual ED issue adding these supplements to your regular intake can help with getting more erections which tends to be more useful after 35.

1. Ginkgo Biloba - This ancient herb has been known for years as a way to get it up, especially for people who regularly take anti-depressants (I would be depressed too if I couldn't masturbate). Ginko helps to relax muscle in the penis and help increase blood flow and as an added bonus helps with blood flow in the brain and can lead to increased memory and other brain functions.

2. Ginseng - Added energy, boosted immunity, helps in performance, and assists with blood flow to your junk; sign me up for some of that please! 

3. Zinc - Always take a multivitamin. On top of that extra zinc can help with people who have had kidney problems or take too many diuretics because that can deplete this mineral.

4. L-Arginine - Increasing blood flow is important because when smooth muscle tissue relaxes and blood flow increases then you get an erection. This amino helps with that as well as healthy heart and an immunity boost.

Honestly these supplements aren't very expensive. You can grab bottles with a 60-day supply for anywhere from $8 to $15. It might take a few days to load your system up but you should notice a decent increase in blood flow within a week which will let you know if you have solved your problem. Then you can give your partner a nice big surpirse.

If this doesn't do it you might look at getting in better shape, reducing stress, and getting rid of those damn skinny jeans.