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Hot Girls of August: The Gingers

Hot girls come in all shapes and sizes; even in gingers. Yes, this late August gallery is an ode to the lazy days of late summer. As the leaves are ready to turn, so we men like to occasionally turn our eyes away from the blondes and browns towards those red haired lasses with the fiery spirits to match.

Yes there are those strange men who find a ginger girl to be something that you should avoid like the plague. But looking at this gallery of hot girls, we at ManWall simply cannot agree! There are far too many gorgeous red-heads in this world to be ignored!

Let's review some of the hot girls who happen to have the ginger in them: Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, Isla Fisher, Amy Adams, Kate Walsh, Scarlett Johansson, Nikki Cox, Angie Everhart, Rihanna, Emma Stone, Faye Reagan, Jamie Edmondson, and Jessica Rabbit (yeah, cartoons are hot too!). That is a seriously spankable or bangable list.

So next time you are playing Marry, F*&k, Kill make sure you don't always single out the ginger to be whacked. Some very hot girls are also gingers and deserve our admiration and attention. God only knows how much "attention" we have been giving them the past few days.

Now redhead dudes are on the exact opposite of the spectrum and should be sent to a small island to prevent reproduction. I think we did that once with some place called Ireland...but apparently they escaped. Now we are stuck with an invasion of Conan O'Brien and Carrotop. Ah well, enjoy the hot girls in this gallery and let your imaginations wander.