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Hot Photos of the LA Kings Number One Porn Star Fan!

The Kings Win the Cup! In an amazing journey from squeaking into the playoffs to then becoming the very first number eight seed to win it all, this has truly been a voyage fueled by a pair of gigantic tits!

No really, did you not see porn star Taylor Stevens and her massive pair of pillow puppies right behind the Devils bench in game 4 and the clinching game 6 in Los Angeles? Seriously? How could you not miss them and all the attention they grabbed. I think the cameraman didn't pan away a single time for the entire game.

But could you blame him?

The poor dear has been having a rough year so a friend gave her some Stanley Cup Finals tickets to cheer her up. She made the most of the opportunity by planting those big double-d's right up against the glass behind the coach of the Devils, Peter DeBoer.

DeBoer, for his part, claimed that his incredible focus allowed him to ignore those massive mammaries and focus on the game. Obviously he is a hard man who is known for his iron-like will and ability to ignore all things not hockey at that pivotal moment. But I'll bet he was watching her that night on his laptop; checking out hot photos and maybe some video highlights if you know what I mean....

Then DeBoer had the balls to say he liked her being there because the Devils won the game. Seriously, that was the only reason?

Aside from being pretty hot and a porn star, Taylor Stevens did have a rough year battling Lymphoma last year which required radiation therapy. But it looks like she has bounced back strong with a great attitude. Oh and she just joined Facebook. The poor girl only has 47 likes. But with the nice pictures of herself she posts there, hopefully the gentlemen (and I use that term loosely) will help up that total just a smidge.

Plus we are featuring her here on Manwall with a bevy of hot photos depicting her amazing assets!

My only real question is whether the Kings will allow her to do something with the Cup because obviously she had a lot to do with the victory. If nobody else will say it then I will. Thank you Taylor Stevens for helping win the cup and for having amazing tits!