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Hot New Movie Trailers


I was expecting awesome commercials on Sunday during the big game. But what I wasn't expecting was some seriously bad ass looking movie trailers for two epic looking movies we will get to see in the next few months. It was going to be hard enough to wait for the next Batman movie but now two more films have joined the ranks of "Stuff I want to see NOW!"

The Avengers

You can check out the new trailer here.

Nothing too new here as the Avengers rumors have been going off for awhile but each clip looks better and better. We loved Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America's movie offerings. The Hulk stuff was good but now they are using a different lead - no biggie. Oh what the hell, let's toss in Scar Jo as well as Jeremy Renfro. These little peeks are almost torture, but at the same time aren't giving too much away so the film should have a lot of surprises for us! I can't wait for May.

John Carter

You can check out the new trailer here.

A lot of people are saying this is like Star Wars or Avatar. But it isn't. John Carter of Mars is actually a pretty kick ass book series written by Edgar Rice Burroughs (who wrote Tarzan) that started back in 1917. I loved this series when I was a teenager because the sci-fi premise was good and he was a solid heroic type with southern values. Of course with today's movie magic the story has been truly brought to life in a way that left me drooling. Coming to a theater in March and I am so there!


I liked the game and I liked the commercials. But as I look back on the day what I remembered the most (after that insane 7 layer dip we had) is those two movie clips. Oh that and the sweet $100 I won from the Manwall office pool. Go Giants and missing the two-point conversion!