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Hot Ladies of the Week

Dang from Titty Tuesday to Thong Thursday it has been getting hot up in the Manwall office! With all of our loyal Bro's posting so many phenomenal ladies for us to ogle we just had to return the favor. We do believe in giving back to the community and this week everyone contributed their favorite image to our hot ladies photo bin.

The general rules for the weekly pictures are that each person had to find a girl that is not very well known. We want to show you some girls that you don't see normally. Some of the best hot ladies are those people that could live down the street or are different from the norm.

Feel free to vote on your favorite in the comments below. This week's office pool involves the loser covering the bar tab for Dive Bar Monday! The winner, of course, gets to order drinks. I am thinking shots of Jager!

So take your time looking over our hot ladies. Consider every angle carefully. There is a lot at stake here for some of us!