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Hot Ladies named Jenny

It is time for another edition of hot ladies named XXXX! Those viewers of Manwall who are not aware of this concept; you are in for a treat For this episode we are using the name Jenny. We will also gladly take a Jen, Jennifer, or even Jenni with an "i" because I love hot ladies! It probably all started with a harmless crush on Jenny McCarthy back when she was the hottest (and not so crazy) chick on MTV and in Playboy that every man lusted after.

Okay so I would totally hook up with her even now if she let me, but I digress. But then again would I go where Jim Carrey has been? That is almost a philosophical debate. Whoops, I got off track. Focus!

We scoured the internet for all the best Jenny girls we could find and then created this masterful gallery of hot ladies just for you. So gentlemen please enjoy this gallery.

For those who want to play the game; can you match up the picture to the name? In the gallery we have: Jenny McCarthy, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Morrison, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer White, Jenny Hendrix, Jenny Lee, Jenny Poussin

Good luck picking the names to the pictures of these hot ladies named Jenny!