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Hot Images from the Grammy's


So I didn't watch the Grammy's this year (or pretty much any year). Award shows like that typically make me cringe and I only sit through them if I know I can get some pity sex afterwards for being a good partner. But, the one thing I do enjoy is those hot images captured on the red carpet; they make me holler like a construction worker holding a road sign on the embarcadero!

Instead of providing in-depth coverage about who won, who lost, who deserved to win more, who is dating whom, or anything Whitney Houston related - we here at Manwall are sticking to our meat and potatoes; checking out hot images of our favorite ladies and discussing them.

Just to clarify; the death of Whitney Houston is sad because the death of any person is sad. But just because she was well known and could sing it does not mean she deserves 24-7 press and tributes up the ass compared to our brave men and women who have died in service to our country that get little or no recognition comparatively.

On to the women! Flip through the gallery of hot images to see who is smoking and who is not.

Kate Beckinsale - Oh hell yes! Mid-thigh skirt showing off shoulders, arms, and legs makes us say oh yeah! She wasn't up for an award, but Kate made us sing.

Katy Perry - This boobalicious number in blue really makes us wonder what the hell Russel Brand was thinking. With her constant changes to hair color and style it would be like having a slightly different woman in bed each week.

Kelly Rowland - Wow! This girl has some curves and very nice muscle tone. I think Beyonce just got bumped aside for my new favorite of Destiny's Child.

Julianne Hough - Props to Ryan Seacrest for having a hot girlfriend. Seriously I thought the guy was gay; not that there is anything wrong with that.

Carrie Underwood - The fashion snobs said she 'was a vision'. Yeah she looks like she is wearing an unflattering paint spattered sheet. No skin equals no love from the Manwall rating system.

Kelly Osbourne - Sadly she has a bit too much of her dad's cheeks and chin to allow me to appreciate anything else. Props given for wearing a dress that shows off her curves!

Miranda Lambert - Someone is looking all hot, blonde, and curvy! I have no idea what type of music she even sings and honestly don't care if she looks that good.

Nicki Minaj - What the hell??! This is like some sort of freaky Little Red Riding Hood number gone horribly wrong.

Sasha Gradvia - She was listed under 'Worst Dressed' by people who obviously do not appreciate true fashion genius. Semi-automatic arm mounted guns, a dress that shows off some really nice boobs and a woman with balls to wear it along with a nice body. Looks good to us!

Robyn - Run away! This.....words cannot express this....ugggh.

Fergie - If you got it, flaunt it. We love this see through number because you can tastefully see what lucky Josh Duhamel gets to play with every night.

This wraps up Manwall's in-depth coverage of hot images from the Grammy Awards. Seacrest....out.