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Hot Girl of the Week: Victoria Moore

That's right, Victoria Moore, come on down! You are the next winner of the weekly Manwall Hot Girl of the Week Award! What exactly is this you ask? Just a great chance to meet the Manwall staff and go on a blind date with one of the most eligible bachelors on the 5th floor of this office building!

But wait, there's more! The Hot Girl of the Week also gets a gallery of pure spank bank material compiled by the crack intern staff (and these two dudes truly are experts of freeing Willy). We can also throw in complimentary drinks at a NY bar of your choice!

So what is up with little Miss Victoria and why does she win the award this week? Well as the OGbro noted, she is one hot girl. Those curves, those eyes, and those lips make me feel funny; like when I used to climb the rope in gym class (party on Wayne). Watch this video and tell me if I'm lying:

I could seriously watch that all day. Who am I trying to kid, basically I have been watching this since I found it and it is playing in the background right now.

So she is a hot girl from the UK who has done plenty of sexy spreads. In 2010 she won Playboy's Miss April contest. Since then it has been nothing but good times and great photos (at least from where I am sitting). Is that enough to be named a Hot Girl of the Week? You betcha!

Victoria Moore, we at Manwall salute you!