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Hot Girls - Valentine's Day Edition

Feeling blue because it the day for celebrating love and you've got nobody to share it with? How about we do our best to distract you with our Valentine's Day edition of Hot Girls? At least then we can help with issue.

To spice things up this week the contest involves the loser dressing up in a diaper with angel wings and standing in front of the Manwall office for an hour holding a sign that says, "Kisses $1". An added bonus you get to keep all the money you earn but the shame will last for eternity.

The general rules for the weekly pictures are that each person had to find a girl who is not a professional model. We want to show you some girls that you don't see normally. Some of the best hot girls are those lasses that could live down the street or are different from the norm. Yes it is hard to tell sometimes if she is a model as most hot girls pose for the camera but we will do our best to comply!

So take your time looking over our hot photos. Consider every angle carefully. There is a lot at stake here for some of us!