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Hot Girls of the NFL: The All Cheer Team

Are you ready for some football? I sure as hell am. Even more than that I am ready for some god damn hot girls parading around in short shorts whose job it is to act sexy and rile up the crowd. Yup, we are talking about those sexy NFL cheerleaders!

NFL cheerleaders (or models who dress up like cheerleaders) deserve a special place in our hearts because they combine two things most men love; football and hot girls. Yeah, we know they are just there to be eye candy but if they don't care then I won't feel bad about ogling them.

So who do you think has the hottest ladies with pom-poms this year? We have a variety of girls from different teams to look at. Miami, as usual, brings a fine looking squad which is good because that team stinks. The Redskins also field a very nice group of ladies who are the most exciting thing not named RGIII to watch in DC. Tampa Bay and Dallas also seem to always bring a nice line-up to the game. Apparently those hot weather states seem to have an abundance of girls who like to dance in bikinis.

Let's hear your votes Manwall, which of these hot girls or which squad represents their team and the NFL the best purely based on looks and spankability? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section below.