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Hot Girls Presents Manuela Arbelaez

Hot girls...come on down! Our next contestant on our weekly feature of hot girls is this very sexy Columbian model who has spent some time teasing Drew Carey on the Price is Right.

What do we love about this beauty? What isn't to love? She has incredible lines, a gorgeous face, and that flair that Latin women have which so many of us love. Along with being a Price is Right girl she has done some music videos, a few soaps, and has done various modeling duties here and there.

She tweets but isn't much to follow; just the mundane stuff. But as she represents a TV show I wouldn't expect much in the line of crazy and outrageous. I will say she does post cute photos of herself with that gorgeous smile. Many thanks to WaterRAT for submitting her as a selection for the Hot Girls category. We are all very appreciative of her outstanding assets!

Noted figures for Manuela - 5' 7", 120 pounds, waist 23", hips 36" (nice), cup size B. She also did some stuff in a Latin TV show but who really cares, right? As usual we are rewarding the Manwall faithful with a lovely gallery that showcases some of this hot girl's finer points. Enjoy!