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Hot Girls Doing Regular Stuff

Hot Girls Doing Regular Stuff


Here at Manwall we try to give you want you want. The various content and galleries we create are specifically tailored for the audience here. As such, when we see certain posts from members that uncover a topic or niche that we have missed, we take notice.

WaterRAT posted a lovely picture of a woman doing dishes in a very nice outfit. Naturally (hard to tell if she had implants from that angle) it made us think of hot girls doing daily chores and regular stuff. Of course you need a gallery to go with that and there is nothing better than hot girls on a Monday morning to start the week off right.

Gentlemen, start your engines as we present our first installment of Hot Girls Doing Regular Stuff.

Aside from the gallery we decided to include a video from the UK where this general idea has been incorporated into a regular television show.