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Hot Girls in College

Oh yeah, school is back in session in a big way. Of course that means more hot college girls roaming around those cities that are lucky enough to have a good university on hand.

To celebrate this time of year, we here at Manwall decided to compile a gallery to celebrate this occasion. We picked a bevy of hot girls for your viewing enjoyment from as many schools as we could find. If you feel that your Alma Mater is not properly represented please let us know and we will gladly perform the necessary research (road trip?) to rectify the situation!

You see, when it comes to hot girls on campus, we at Manwall are more than willing to go the extra mile for our viewers. Plus, who doesn't mind crashing a frat party?

What does it take to make the gallery? Not much really other than being in college (or college age), looking good, and showing yourself off. Do we have low standards here on the wall? Maybe a little bit but then again I don't think we went trolling for trash and instead found some serious treasure in our searches for hot girls in college.