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Hot Girls Cheerleading the Olympics

Cheerleading should be an Olympic event, or at least so I think after spending some time watching the Olympics this week. For whatever reason I am not a big gung-ho fan of the games. Sure, I like watching the U.S. Basketball team beat the tar out of whomever they are playing. Also the women's beach volleyball is fully entrancing. But a lot of the events are just rather boring and do not hold my interest.

But then the cheerleaders show up. Whoever had this idea was a freaking genius! Now I can sit back and relax, enjoying a bevy of bouncing beautiful babes. It sucks when we have to go to commercial break while the people watching live get their own kind of show that usually costs me a $5 cover and 2 drinks minimum.

We have beach volleyball cheerleaders, handball cheerleaders, and basketball cheerleaders. There are even dance street teams providing a little extra pep to the festivities! Of course not all sports need cheer because they are a bit more serious. No problem! Fencing and gymnastics get ballet dancers!

These Brits have really thought of everything; very polite when you think about it. But since this isn't the days of Benny Hill they made sure add some beefcake to the show for the ladies. Well played IOC, well played. That was really a good move to ensure there were no sexist remarks flying around.

To commemorate this wonderful advance in Olympic entertainment, we here at Manwall decided to include a brief gallery of our favorite cheerleader moments. Enjoy!