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Hot Girl Spotter - The ASSets Edition


Men admire women for all sorts of reasons. We love how they laugh, how they smile, and how they look at us with those bedroom eyes. Occasionally we have professed enjoyment at seeing their bodies (especially without clothes on and in our beds next to us). Many times men will readily admit to having a favorite feature on a woman, but of course we are all able to admire a hot girl no matter what her best attribute is.

So for this edition of the Hot Girl Spotter we are going to focus on the "A" of the standard "T&A". While we regularly have our Titty Tuesday pictures uploaded, sometimes we need to toss in a curveball with something like Tush Tuesday.

So sit back and relax; enjoy this gallery of girls as they show off their very well rounded assets. If you have any pictures of a hot girl showing off her backside that you want to share, we would love to see it. Also let us know in the comments if we should rename Tuesday or just add Tush Thursday to our specially named days of the week here on Manwall. We are always open to suggestions from our bros!

For this edition of the Hot Girl Spotter we tried to find pictures of girls that weren't models so don't expect to find any Kimmy K pics in this gallery. Feel free to start a manversation in the comments on which hot girl in the list has the best backside. After looking at the gallery a few times (or twenty) I think it is a really tight race.