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Hot Girl Spotter - Kirralee Morris

The Hot Girl Spotter has extended its very long lens overseas this week to set its' sights on this lovely Aussie lass named Kirralee Morris. If she wasn't so damn hot we would probably have issues with her name that sounds like some sort of bird call. But that is a benefit of being a hot girl; we men overlook minor things like that.

But we aren't overlooking is how amazing this blond stunner from down-under is. She is a model, hosts some sort of television program, and won the coveted Miss Australia title for the International Yachting Models (weird but a title is a title). She seems rather cool and does swim suit related things as well as enjoys pole dancing. Yeah, that isn't a typo. Apparently she uses it as a sexy way to stay trim with her girlfriends. Side note; I would totally love to see that workout video if anyone can figure out a way to film it.

This vision of hotness is a regular in the pages of the Zoo and Maxim as well as Fuel TV down under. As you can see from the gallery we assembled she has just about everything we like to see in a hot girl, except a stateside address because that means we won't have a chance to bump into her very easily. Not that it happens much with any of the other hot girls we feature, but a guy can dream can't he? Of course he can!