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Hot Girl Spotter - Daphne Joy


That bastard the OGbro did it again! He posted some sexy photos of this hot girl named Daphne Joy. Of course after seeing them my day was completely thrown for a loop. I couldn't decide between taking an immediate break to hold the sausage hostage or start working on a gallery for the bros at Manwall to enjoy. Since I don't have a door on my cubicle and HR has already warned me about my 'public displays of self-affection' I opted for the latter choice.

Let's start by saying, "Humanahumanahuma yowza!" This is one hot girl. The OGbro really knew what he was doing when he slapped some of those sexy photos of this hottie on the Manwall. Currently this little sexy kitten is an "actress". You might have seen her in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. She played a mermaid. Yeah, that was a pretty big role. She also held her own as the 'rollerblading babe' in Venice Heat.

Really I shouldn't joke too much. God forbid she finds out and then later throws that in my face if I ever meet her. So to help promote her, you should visit her website at Now be warned, she has a fantastic intro. I am not kidding. She has a video that lasts a few minutes that basically has a camera pan up and down her body while she poses and moves around provocatively. It is sexy as hell and lasts just long enough (if you know what I mean).

I peeked at her Twitter account (@DaphneJoy) and while she has over 42k followers there wasn't much to spark the interest of either of my heads. But with the due diligence done it was time to find sexy photos of this hot girl for our gallery. As usually I looked long and hard (or got hard and looked long...either or right?) to find the best of the best for Manwall. Hopefully you can enjoy her has much as I did.