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Hot Girl of the Week - Maria Leanna

Another of our favorite Manwall members, PimpD, recently dubbed Maria Leanna as a hot girl, and who are we to argue with his excellent taste? So what is it about this Greek beauty that does it? Well, let's start at the back and work to the front; and by that we mean this girl has got a nice ass.

I think we are going to have to coin a new phrase like, "Kimmy K Butt" for girls who have that nice, round ass like Maria Leanna is sporting. So what else do we like about this Hot Girl of the Week? Well so far she seems a bit more 'real' to us. Her Twitter account is rather refreshing with the occasional bathroom bikini shot (that we all love). You can check her out at @maria_leanna.

She is a model, has done some TV and film work, and is also part of the Playboy Cyber club. Sadly most of her work is not very notable and rather hard to find. But we hope with her cute smile, nice rack, and great ass that this little Greek beauty will be destined for more than just spank bank material. Of course honestly there is nothing wrong with being a top hit on the list of girls we like to varnish the old pole to.

Gentlemen, enjoy the gallery of lovely sexy photos of our Hot Girl of the Week, Maria Leanna. We will not judge you for what you do while enjoying these photos (as we probably already did worse). But we would ask that you feel free to share this bounty with your fellow man.