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Hot Girl of the Week - Kelly Brook

Who gets the nod this week? In honor of the end of the Summer Olympics in merry old England we are selecting the lovely lass Kelly Brook as our Hot Girl of the Week. This English model is not only very hot but also an actress and Playboy model. Yup, she definitely meets all of the requirements to be a Hot Girl of the Week here at Manwall.

Naturally we have a gallery of fine photos of this 32-year old beauty who sports very impressive 34-25-35 curves on her 5-foot-6 frame. She is a regular in FHM and was voted into the 1 spot of their annual top 100 in 2005. Really this girl is everywhere repping Axe, Reebok, Sky, and T-Mobile.

She did some nice work in Smallville and also popped up in a few movies with small parts like The Italian Job, Deuce Bigalow II, and the memorable Piranha 3D role (not it was not memorable). There is also a bunch of UK shows but not being a regular BBC viewer I just don't care to list them. If you are curious then feel free to Google them while cursing my name because I spent more time looking for sexy photos of our hot girl. But then again, shouldn't you be praising my thoroughness to ensure that this Kelly Brook spank bank is the best that it can be?

Damn right!

It even bears mentioning that she was shagging Jason Statham and Billy Zane. While I usually don't mention who one of our Hot Girls might have dated and such, in the case those two gentlemen, it counts as a positive status aspect. If Kelly Brook is hot enough for J-Stat then she is damn sure good enough to be the Manwall Hot Girl of the Week.

Gentlemen, enjoy the slideshow!