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Hot Girl of the Week - Kaley Cuoco

So cute little Kaley Cuoco tweeted a picture of herself on vacation rocking it in a bikini. Normally it doesn't take much to attract the attention of Manwall when we are looking for hot girls and pretty much that picture is like waving a red cape in front of a bull; because we are horny bastards of course!

For those who don't recognize her, Kaley Cuoco is the adorable chick from The Big Bang Theory. Seriously, she cranks things up to Geek Factor 11 serving as all the eye candy you need to watch that show. If you do a Hot Girls Geekstyle ranking she easily cracks the top 5 because she has a great body and real personality. Plus she has all the normal intangibles such as great looks, blonde hair, and incredible eyes.

So far the 26 year old hasn't done much else on screen that is notable but we really don't care. Hot girls really just need to look good and judging by her appearances on the Hot 100 from Maxim and FHM she qualifies. Added bonus, she is currently single!

Enjoy the gallery gentlemen as we salute another in the long line of hot girls here on the Manwall! Also if you feel there is someone particular we need to include in our weekly pictorials, please tell us in the comments!