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Hot Girl of the Week - Alison Angel

This week we welcome Alison Angel to the Hot Girls gallery of fame because one of our regular viewers, The Dude, just can't seem to get enough of her. After viewing the sexy photos he posted to the wall, the staff has whole heartedly agreed with TheDude's assessment of the situation, thus why we are welcoming her to hot girls with our own gallery of sexy photos.

Who is Alison Angel? This sexy vixen is an entertainer, model, a dream girl, and a TV star. Just so we are clear, she is over 21 even though she has been posing for sexy photos and doing some very interesting video work since she was 18.

As with all the great hot girls on Manwall, Alison has that little special something about her that we like. In this case it is the girl next door looks combined with her ability to do public strip teases and girl-on-girl action. This blonde haired, green-eyed beauty is all natural.

So enjoy these sexy photos and make sure to thank TheDude for alerting us to Alison who can now include being in the Hot Girls section of Manwall as one of her claims to fame!