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Hope Solo vs. Alex Morgan, Who's Hotter?

Wow that is a tough question to answer. When thinking about hot girls in the news right now, are there any two popping up that make us men pop up, if you know what I mean? Well here at Manwall we ask the tough questions and we answer the tough questions.

So who is hotter?

Honestly in deciding between a pair of hot girls like this it is almost like a bad game of Marry, F&*k, Kill because you can't lose and you can't win. Let's put these ladies side-by-side (that would be a wet dream) and compare them by the numbers.

Alex Morgan

She is a sweet looking girl-next-door who can get dirty with the best of them. With a tight athletic body, great eyes, and a beautiful smile she would look great on anyone's arm; or as part of your co-ed soccer team helping crush the competition.

She is 23, stands 5' 7" and plays forward so kicking ass and taking names is her normal job. So far since 2010 she has done a really great job of looking cute and scoring a lot for the US team.

Hope Solo

If Alex is the girl-next door of these two hot girls, then Hope is the bad girl smoking in the alley. She is older at 31 and stands a bit taller at 5' 9". With her years of experience she has been on the US team 10 years longer than Alex. In that time she has gotten a bit more notoriety with her Gold Medal win in 2008 and World Cup appearances. Those ESPN the Body shots helped just a bit too.

 Because of her popularity we got to watch Hope dance a few jigs on Dancing with the Stars and she has a new book coming out now as well. While she does have nice eyes and a good smile as well, Hope just has a different look to her than Alex. Plus she has bigger boobs.

The Results?

This was a very hard decision. Both girls have a lot going for them but in the end we had to play our own version of Marry, F*&k, Kill. We decided that if we only had one night to spend then it would be trying to get our balls past Hope to score a big goal but for the long term we would rather wake up every day with Alex. Did age play a factor? Probably as we are bastards that way and usually go for the younger model.

Plus of those two hot girls Alex just has a little something sweeter about her that says girlfriend while Hope definitely has that look of a woman who knows what she wants. But after saying all that who is hotter? It has to be Hope Solo because if we only had one night then we are hoping it is with her.