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WTF is Honey Boo Boo?

Some days even I still end up being surprised. Working for Manwall there is a certain expectation that we are up on current events and trends so we can find the things to talk about, best videos, hot girls, and the like. So this week I was informed that I needed to check out 'Honey Boo Boo'. Obviously I was thinking that it was a stripper or new porn star I wasn't aware of.


Instead we have some kid in a complete white trash trailer family who gets dressed up for teeny kid beauty pageants. Just when you think the human race has evolved to a level of decency, the backwoods drags us back.

So here is the skinny, TLC has this show about Toddlers and Tiaras, something no self respecting Bro (or really anyone) would watch. Some crazy ass parents try and turn their kids into creepy looking dolls to compete in contests instead of enjoying life. These parents are straight train wrecks from a psychology standpoint being crazy about competing and dragging kids to events. So one of the 'popular' characters is a kid named Honey Boo Boo who earned a spin off show which follows the crazy Thompson family.


WTF??!! Why do these people have so many paper towels and rolls of toilet paper? Why do they use them as toys? How many chins does that mom have? There are so many things wrong with watching this video clip. Heck, even Kris Jenner, the mom of the Kardasian Clan is appalled at this show and its' popularity. That says a lot...

I know that there are worse parents out there who totally neglect their kids and abuse them, but who watches this crap and finds it entertaining? Sure the backwoods will always be the backwoods but it amazes me that so many people watch this show and find it interesting enough to not watch anything else. Maybe it makes other people feel better about themselves...I don't know. All I know is that this show is definitely not Bro.