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Hilarious Amusement Park Funny Movie

No guts, no glory! We found this very Funny Movie posted on YouTube and had to share. Please note that there are a few f-bombs being dropped.

There is so much awesomeness here that I don't truly know where to start. Honestly these two Marines get my utmost respect for fighting for our country in Afghanistan.  With that being said, Adam's reaction to the situation is fantastic. I can only imagine if people that deal with gunfire and bombs regularly still get that amped over a ride that it is one epic machine I need to try!

My favorite part is when Adam (on the left) tells Allan, "I would rather be in Afghanistan then in this right now," and then proceeds to ask the operator for a countdown. You can barely hear in the background, "oh you want a countdown before you go?" as he then releases the lever. Pure awesomeness! To ice that cake Adam starts screaming, "That was NOT A COUNTDOWN!" as Allan tries not to cry from the laughter.

But I do have some questions. Do all epic rides now have cameras so we can go on them and then post a funny movie of our own? How much crap will Adam take from his fellow Marines for that ride? Did they ride anything else that made Adam scream even worse?

The ride is the Giant Slingshot in Orlando, Florida. Just for kicks we at Manwall did some brief research to see what other rides around the United States can cause you to shit bricks or scream like a girl and then be captured in your own funny movie to have your friends post online. Here is what we came up with.

·       Maverick - Cedar Point Amusement Park - Ohio

·       X2 - Six Flags at Magic Mountain - California

·       Fahrenheit - Hersheypark - Pennsylvania

·       Insanity - Stratosphere Hotel, Nevada

·       Superman Ride of Steel - Six Flags New England - Massachusetts

·       Kinda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure - New Jersey

·       Riddler's Revenge - Six Flags at Magic Mountain - California

·       Superman the Escape - Six Flags at Magic Mountain - California

If you have a chance to ride any of these monsters with your friends please make sure to take a video camera and record a funny movie. We would love to see it, especially if it contains crying like a baby or puking.