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Hi, Can I get the $450 Pizza Please?

Only in Canada eh? Yes that title is completely true. In Vancouver there is a little eatery called the Steveston Pizza Company that sells the "C6" which is a $450 pie. So far they have sold one. That is not to say that selling just a single pizza isn't successful, as they have sold 7 of the slightly less exuberant $120 version.

So I know what you are thinking; since it is Canada the $450 pizza comes with all the beer you can drink. Roll out the kegs of Molson! Or wait, maybe they include a ton of hash and cocaine when they make it!

Nope, wrong on all accounts. This pizza is so flipping expensive because it has toppings of a thermidor of lobster and black Alaska cod to go with a side of Russian osetra caviar. It's like the pizza you order if you are Mitt Romney and trying to fit in with the middle class. Or maybe they are expecting James Bond to pop by and grab something to go.

The $120 version is toned down a little and includes Icelandic scampi, smoked steelhead, and lobster ratatouille.

Now coming from 'wine-country' where culinary chefs mix up all sorts of overpriced food to pair with wine for the higher end muckity mucks, the $120 pizza seems appropriate. After all, dropping $100 for a good dinner isn't that outrageous. But the $450 version just seems silly. It is like it's a marketing ploy until someone actually orders the damn thing. Why not just get the seafood with a side of bread?

Cool note, they did make the Guinness Book of World Records for the most expensive pizza, crushing Gordon Ramsey's weak $178 pie.

Not to worry though, if you are in the neighborhood Stevestons does sell a normal $14 pizza. Or, you can just for a standard Round Table or Pizza Hut X-Large to feed you and your bro's. But if you are in Vancouver and decide that you want to go all out one night, why not grab a $450 pizza? Maybe get a few Cuban cigars and some Cristal as well. Make a night of it!