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Hey Bro, Can I Borrow Some Tinted Moisturizer?

Yeah, it's happening; dudes are wearing makeup.

We aren't just talking about people on camera or gay men. Apparently wearing makeup is becoming a thing to the tune of $3 billion dollars. That is the estimated value of the men's cosmetic industry by 2016. Wow, that's a lot of freaking lip gloss!

Tinted moisturizers, ant-aging creams, concealers, and powders might just be the tip of the iceberg. Obviously eye-liner is already huge with the Goth set (and douches like Pete Wentz) so they can keep that. Nail polish is kind of in since UFC fighters started wearing it. What's next, lip stick?

At the mall there are sections in places like Macy's carrying makeup for men. Hell, I am sure there are guys out there reading this right now that have a case stashed somewhere with enough product to support a small clown convention.

Why should we wear it?

I get the idea of using anti-aging creams and things to keep our skin healthy and looking young. Who wants to grow old? Even worse, who wants to look old when they aren't? Partying your ass off can have a bad side effect on your skin (the face especially) with bags under your eyes and the like. So using regular cream on your face to keep the skin tight is cool.

...and that's it. The rest of the stuff? Forget about it. Pore cleaners at night, waxing the eyebrows, adding foundation to make our skin look smoother, and all the other crap anchors from the news stations use is getting a bit much. Make sure to turn in your Man-card when you get that makeover.

Why we shouldn't wear it!

Duh, we are men! The more things we do just to impress other people takes away from the core of who we are. Sure, we want to look our best. But, real men do not suffer from this pathetic vanity and low self-esteem that the other sex deals with (and by default makes us deal with). No, my skin tone is fine thank you very much. My eyes look great the way they are and extra liner will not bring out the color in a way that will ever make me give a crap. That would only matter if I spent all day looking in the mirror; guys don't do that.

Yes basic grooming is perfectly fine. For the ladies we might use aftershave or even a manly scented body wash, but other than that we attract attention by being men which means being ourselves. Yeah there will always be some dude who is better looking than us but so what? All the makeup in the world can't mask insecurity bro.

So if you find yourself sliding down the slippery slope towards metro-sexual with a serious addiction to makeup, get some help. You're better than that; man up.