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Hello Rosie!

Sometimes you just need to appreciate some sexy photos. It doesn't matter what day it is, what time it is, or what kind of mood you are in. Why? Because sexy photos are good anytime.

Now here at Manwall we do look at a lot of women. Bro's submit pictures all the time and we spend a decent amount of time cruising the internet looking at hot chicks. Yup, it is a very hard job. For today's choice of sexy photos we decided to go with a model. Now typically we like to find random girls that haven't gotten too famous, but when Steve came across Rosie Jones we were all smitten.

Rosie Jones is not really a household name her in the states because she is a British model. Sure, she has done some stuff like Loaded and FHM but still seems to be a bit unknown. But after looking at this collection of sexy photos we guarantee you will remember her name (and every detail of her incredible body).

Gentlemen, enjoy!