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Hef and his Runaway Bride

Well it looks like Hugh Hefner and his ex-fiancé, Crystal Harris, are back together again. The big announcement was made via Twitter by both Crystal and Hef. Of course I have no idea why Crystal even has a Twitter account as she has less status that a sports WAG (yet she has 300,000 followers??!!??).

For those who don't know, Crystal ditched Hugh 5 days before their wedding back in 2010. So what the heck gives now? We here at Manwall are a bit outraged. I mean, this is Hugh Freakin Hefner here. After she split, that bitch popped onto the Howard Stern show and said sex with Hef lasted 2 minutes and she wasn't really attracted to him. Hello, gold digger?

While she probably isn't the first to try and sleep her way to a cover shoot, at least she could have some class about it like other girls. I mean, come on! Hugh seems like a total gentleman who takes care of his girls.

Of course Twitter quickly exploded on the topic with congratulations for Hef and his gold digger. Many theories were presented with the most common that Crystal ran out of money. Maybe that is why Hef is taking things slow and not talking about a wedding yet. That pre-nup might take some time to type up after all....

Crystal is 26 and fairly hot. She has a nice body to go with blonde hair and a tan - the Hefner 'type' if you will. Honestly all of the Hefner women are hot; it is kind of a requirement. Other than that she has done a few Playboy shoots as well as being on the Girls Next Door show. So basically she is arm candy and should be thrilled Hugh decided to give her another shot.

Really who wouldn't want to date Hugh? He has a kick-ass house, gets invited to all the best parties, and is very popular. Sure, he is old. But so what? This is the type of guy that probably never has a bad day because if he does, he just reminds himself that he is Hugh Freakin Hefner.

So Crystal we all recommend you suck it up and make a go of it. Maybe even take that advice to the bedroom as well. Either way Hugh deserves someone that actually cares for him. I am sure there is a line of ladies who would rather be in that spot instead of you. Or if you are just digging for gold, then go find somewhere else to do. Grab a rich old guy on his last lung like Anna Nicole Smith did. But leave Hef alone. He deserves better.