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Heard of Meet-Up Yet?

It was a brutal night. My friend Ted invited me out to something called 'Dive Bar Monday". Apparently he had found a group of people that love to hit dive bars on Mondays and get a wee bit tipsy. I was curious. Where did Ted find out about this wonderful group of people with such an inspired choice of Monday night activities?

He told me that it was a Meet Up group.

"What the hell is a Meet Up group?" I asked him. Then he showed me. Apparently there is this sweet social networking style site called After you make a simple free account you can look for groups that cover interests of all kinds.

There are singles groups, parent groups, bloggers, writers, hikers, bikers, wine drinkers, dancers, and so much more. It was literally staggering how many groups there are in a decent sized metro area. Each group has an organizer or two and they regularly schedule events. Ted was a member of a bunch of groups so he showed me his calendar which pretty much had something available to do every night and a ton of stuff on the weekends.

Really this was awesome for Ted because since his girlfriend had dumped him, he was being a bit of a killjoy. Now he had stuff to do and people to meet and was getting his ass out of the apartment instead of playing Mass Effects 3 all night.

Now to clarify, some groups charge minor fees for setting up events. But most are just free and provide a great way for people to meet and socialize that have the same interests. It is a really great place and super useful for people who have stuff they want to do like hiking, but never have friends that want to go. Now you can make new friends and easily get out and try new stuff. Plus you can rate experiences and see who is coming to events before you RSVP.

So if you find yourself bored and looking for new friends or adventures you should check out It seems like a lot of the people are cool and looking to have fun so why not?