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Have an affair at Ashley Madison

Ah the life of a married person who wants a discreet affair is so easy these days. Back when my parents were still together if you wanted to have an affair you were stuck taking home whatever left-over tail was lying around the dive bar across town. There weren't any of these fancy-schmancy online dating affair sites.

First things first, every guy always wants to know, is it real?

Let me start by saying that you are all a bunch of horn-dog bastards! You just can't keep it in your pants long enough everyday so you are off trolling at the first sign of available coochie! That is a complete outrage and it sickens me to my core that you, the Manwall readers would think that I just spent the last few hours cruising Ashley Madison looking for tail to bang.

...okay you know me too well...I totally have been.

Is it Real?

Yes and no. Let's walk you through things. Basically there is a free profile set-up and then you can cruise around and look at profiles. Honestly there were very few profiles in my immediate area with actual pictures but they seemed fairly legit. It wasn't a bunch of model and glamour shots.

But...within a few minutes of searching I had some random lady from Oregon messaging me and of course since I hadn't bought any credits yet there was no way to read and respond to her. Since my profile was blank other than name and age it seems rather crazy that some random woman wanted to chat.

That is the problem lots of guys have with sites like these is that they are always instantly asked to chat or talk which requires an initial sign up fee. But after you pay that person who wanted to talk disappears. That is the fake part of the site in my opinion. I think sites like this troll new users to entice them to sign-up and probably even have a few people on staff whose job it is to maintain profiles for this purpose only. Yeah that is a total douche move, but if I was running the show that is the type of underhanded crap I would pull.

If you are really looking to have an affair, how much of a fit are you going to throw? Then you would risk a credit from Ashley Madison popping up on your statement for the wife to find which might get you Chad Johnsoned.

Chance to Get Laid?

Decent to good but only if you have the ability to get laid in the real world. Women looking for affairs don't want Bob the Plumber, they want Hank the Fireman; after all they already have a husband. It did seem that girls with pictures were single and looking to get laid versus the ladies who want affairs didn't have pictures for fear of being seen. That makes perfect sense. But if a girl is on this site it isn't because she is looking for a sweet man and partner for life; she is looking to get some hot sex. Ideally she wants the guy from the romance novel.

Really a key seems to be reading profiles carefully and being selective with who you contact and also how you contact them. Sending a picture of your big ten inch might work (more power to you big fella) but maybe start with a normal introduction and profile shot and then work up to that. Also really read the terms and conditions instead of just clicking it and getting to pictures of girls because you are horny and in the mood. Generally when you are thinking with your dick it costs you money. It is easier to toss one off real quick and then approach this site with a clear head.

Bottom Line

Yes you might meet some prostitutes (sweet) and some fat chicks (but they need loving too) as well getting cold shouldered from some women (which happens at the bar too). Plus you run the danger of pissing off a husband or your own wife (I'm not judging). But if this is how you like to get down and dirty then it seems just as likely to get you laid as hitting the club or bar scene. A lot of guys who piss and moan about spending membership money and not getting any action should remember that cover charges and buying drinks for women you don't take home costs about the same. If you want a 100% guarantee then hire a prostitute.