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Happy Birthday Pamela Anderson

Even at 45 Pammy is still one hell of a MILF. Of course, if I was to hit that, a full body suit might be in order. Let's be honest, even as fine as she is, Pamela Anderson has been around the block a few times. While we aren't prudes here at Manwall, just looking at the list of dudes she has been with paints quite a large picture of awful possibilities.

Guys she has either been married to or just hooked up with includes: Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, Bret Michaels , Ray J (hello Kim Kardashian), Rick Solomon (Paris Hilton), Scott Baio (fairly safe), Kelly Slater (bro!), David Charvet, Usher (club hoochies), Criss Angel (serious magic to hook that up), Stephen Dorff (the Dorf!), and Fred Durst (limp). I am sure there are some others, but that is the list of notable A and B-listers. Then when you transpose to all the women they have been with, etc you get a serious roadmap of people you would not want to swap spit with.

But...I guess it is a thing for blondes and those giant boobs of hers that keeps us all so enamored with her. Plus we know she is just a bit sluty and of course watching any of those sex tapes lets you know that she has a good time between the sheets.

Well regardless of anything else today we shall celebrate her birthday (she turned 45 on July 1st) with a nice gallery of some of her finer moments. Maybe I wouldn't go there if given the chance. Yeah right...okay I would totally rail her if given the chance. Heck I would grab some Red Bull and pop a Viagra too just to make sure that night lasted all night long. Video camera in the corner filming? You bet I am going to immortalize that moment!

Unless she is a big Manwall reader I will probably have to leave that in the 'fantasy' category for now (good thing I still have my Barb Wire blowup doll). But I do still enjoy looking at Pamela Anderson in all of her loveliness. Of course that is because you can't catch any type of STD when you are frosting your maple bar.

Happy Birthday Pam!