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Grilled Cheese Like a Champ


Takeru Kobayashi decided to set a new world record for consuming a whopping 13 grilled cheese sandwiches in a mere minute. He was at the SXSW Festival over the weekend and apparently was feeling a might bit peckish. It is just one of those funny video clips because he is like a garbage disposal.

You can check out the footage below:


Of course this made us here at Manwall curious. What other kinds of eating world records are out there? We all know about the annual Hot Dog contest at Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs and Buns each year. The current record is 68 eaten in 10 minutes by Joey Chestnut. But what other types of stuff have these people consumed in a crazy amount of time?

·       103 Krystal Burgers in 8 minutes - Joey Chestnut

·       22 oz Sports Slurpee in 9 seconds - Patrick Bertoletti

·       9 lbs and 5.2 oz Deep Fried Asparagus in 10 minutes - Joey Chestnut

·       5.24 lbs of Baby Back Ribs in 8 minutes - Patrick Bertoletti

·       5 lbs of Triple Rewards Birthday Cake in 11 minutes and 26 seconds - Richard LeFevre

·       9.17 lbs Blueberry pie in 8 minutes - Patrick Bertoletti

·       58 Johnsonville Brats in 10 minutes - Takeru Kobayashi

·       32 large cannoli in 6 minutes - Patrick Bertoletti

·       80 Chicken nuggets in 5 minutes - Sonya Thomas

·       182 Chicken Wings in 30 minutes - Joey Chestnut

·       57 Cow Brains in 15 minutes - Takeru Kobayashi

·       42 Cupcakes in 8 minutes - Tim "Eater X" Janus

·       60 Moon Pies in 8 minutes - Patrick Bertoletti

·       275 jalapeno's in 8 minutes -  Patrick Bertoletti

Ughh just looking at that list (and that is only part of it) makes me feel a bit sick to my stomach. The most ridiculous thing? Most of the people with records don't even tip the scales over 200 pounds. These guys eat 10-20% of their bodyweight in a single sitting, usually in 10 minutes. Wow.

Every time we run across one of these funny video clips we just have to stop and stare because it is truly amazing. Plus afterwards we always take a pass on eating for a while.

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