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Great Prank Video

Sometimes when you are like me and spend (or waste) hours on end watching funny videos on the net, when something truly awesome comes along you stop and give it some serious praise. This happened to me last night. Apparently someone at Pepsi actually had a brilliant marketing idea and they turned that something into a seriously funny creation.

The idea behind the prank was taking NBA Rookie of the year Kyle Irving and making him look like a 50 to 60 year old man. They went all out for it with the full movie makeup so he really looked a lot older. Then he went to a pickup basketball game with a few friends and acted like the old uncle.

Awesome? Yes. He starts off slow after getting put into the game but then starts to crush these 20-year-olds which is flipping hilarious. I have no idea what this has to do with buying or drinking Pepsi nor do I care but this is one of those funny videos you just have to watch.

Not really knowing much about Kyle Irving, after this video I am a fan. Anyone who can pull that type of prank and have fun like that gets automatic respect here at Manwall. Plus after trolling through so much garbage looking for funny videos, when you actually see a good one it gets extra appreciation.