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Got Chin?


This story is so ridiculous that I know it has to be true. Getting a chin-implant is the newest rage and had become the fastest growing type of plastic surgery for men and women. Seriously?

That idea makes me think that it is some weird episode of South Park with the entire town waiting outside of Tom's Rhinoplasty to get a new 'Kirk Douglas' chin put in. By the way, if anyone who writes for South Park reads this feel free to use the idea as long as I get credit....

Apparently the reason for the surge in facial work has to do with the internet. With so many people using apps like Skype and other forms of video chat they had a really good opportunity to stare at themselves for awhile. Suddenly it dawned on many of them at once; when we grow older we look older! Shocking, I know.

I guess the general consensus is that with the jaw-line not looking so sharp that overall they looked bad or less powerful. Of course that then leads to confidence issues. The funny thing is that the whole double-chin and loose skin aspect of the problem is typically from having a little extra fat on the body.

Of course after you get your chin done then it is just a short hop before you get your lips plumped, cheek implants, laser skin resurfacing, soft tissue fillers, and finally a whole facelift. I kid you not; those are the next most popular and fastest growing types of augmentation. Want to look like a completely different person for your 20 year reunion? Doc, make it happen!

Yes a strong chin and jaw makes you seem more powerful and subconsciously others might think you have more self-confidence, swagger, and awesomeness. Think of all the great chins of the past; Bruce Campbell, Kurt Douglas, Cary Grant, Robert Mitchum, James Garner, or Superman. Is it the man that makes the chin or was it simply a case of being born with a powerful jaw?

Well now you can just find out the truth yourself. No more using a weak goatee to cover up boys! Head to the doctor and come out with a square, dimpled number that makes the ladies swoon. Don't forget to leave your self-respect at the door.