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Go the F&*k to Sleep!

As awesome as coffee and Red Bull are, you know what is even more awesome? Sleep.

Remember those glorious days when you were 8 or 9 during the summer when you could just sleep as long as you damn well wanted? Later you tried to recreate those times in your teenage years and even occasionally in college when you could sack out for half a day with no real problem.

Then the real world showed up and those sweet, sweet mornings of ignoring the alarm clock and drooling on your pillow till noon disappeared faster than a hot girl at last call. But guess what? Sleep is back in vogue!

Apparently it has been medically proven that we should be getting more than just a few hours every night and then staying jacked up all day on energy drinks and caffeine. Who would have thought?

Reasons to Sleep like Dagwood

·       Sleep helps your brain when you are trying to learn new things.

·       Stanford did a study that showed football players sleeping 10 hours a night for like 2 months had more stamina and faster sprint times.

·       Tired people are more likely to get in a car accident.

·       Less sleep can cause higher blood pressure (under 6 hours a night)

·       Studies show people who sleep too little die earlier.

·       Too little sleep for too long can create symptoms similar to ADHD in kids (and select adults)

·       Sleep helps with your memories. Of course if she is really ugly maybe an early wakeup call is in order.

·       Well rested people lose more fat than tired people. Probably because you drink more coffee and intake more sugar.

·       More sleep equals less stress. Problems don't bother me as much when I'm unconscious!

If you need more reasons to get a good night sleep I am sure I can make some up. But honestly all of those reasons combined make for a pretty compelling case to get regular shut-eye. Sure things happen sometimes like epic nights and unforgettable stories. But on the regular nights sometimes we have to just pull a Murtgauh and remember that, "I'm too old for this shit," and get our asses into bed.