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Girl Scout Cookies - Legal Crack

No that title is not just an attention grabber; it is 100% true! The annual event is marked on calendars by many. Fresh off Christmas and New Year's, many people are in full holiday recovery mode and then those cute little pixies with the green sashes appear everywhere; temping men and women alike with their boxes of sugary goodness. They are so good at it that even drug dealers are jealous.

One local dealer was overheard saying, "Damn my sales would be through the roof too if I could use 8 and 9 year old girls right out front da grocery store man...."

So how bad is it? People start poking friends on Facebook weeks before pre-orders roll out. Steve in accounting looks like a well paid stripper over a three-day weekend with all of the bills shoved into his waistband because his daughters have been hooking up the office for years. You think a taco truck draws a crowd? The stampede that occurs when a pack of Girl Scouts hit an office building with a wagon full of cookies right at break time is worse than any footage you see from the running of the bulls in Spain. I had a leftover box of thin mints on my desk last summer. Leaving my desk for a mere 5 minutes, I returned to torn wrapping and a few crumbs. There were no witnesses.

What gives? Do they sprinkle the tops of the damn things with meth? Or is it the lure of a guilty pleasure that isn't always available. A friend of mine used the following analogy to explain it to me: "It's like your girlfriends' hot cousin. You don't see her very often but when you do all you can think about is banging her. You know she is bad for you and pretty expensive, but damn she looks tasty and everybody else wants her too!"

How bad are the cookies? Well they are a little pricey but the money does go to a good cause. The Scouts, Brownies, and Daisies all use the money for field trips and fun or educational events. Nutritionally the cookies aren't any worse than other cookies out there.

  • Savannah Smiles - 5 cookies are 140 calories with 5g of fat
  • Thin Mints - 4 cookies are 160 calories with 8g of fat
  • Carmel DeLites - 2 cookies are 140 calories with 7g of fat
  • Oreo Cookies (regular) - 3 cookies are 160 calories with 7g of fat
  • Chips Ahoy (real) - 4 cookies are 190 calories with 9g of fat

So really eating the Girl Scout cookies is not that bad at all. They are delicious, you are helping a good cause, and it is a lot better than doing crack. Best of all they are completely street legal.