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Ghostbusters 3 and Other Movie Sequels

When is enough actually enough? Well according to Bill Murray, two Ghostbuster movies was it. "No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts," he recently told Empire Magazine. Well honestly I would totally watch him, but an old Dan Ackroyd or Harold Ramis - not so much. Oh well, without Bill Murray there isn't much of a movie so either they bribe him or try some weird reboot. But how can you reboot a classic like that? I am sure Hollyweird will find a way.

So when will Hollywood pull the plug on these franchises? Transformers 4 has been green-lighted with Michael "I'm done with Transformers" Bay at the helm again. American Pie 4 is on its way but really? Other than grown up Stifler and always hot Nadia who really wants to watch another 'old glory' movie? Men in Black 3? I don't know if I can take any more of that Will Smith 'smart ass' character attitude even though the special effects look good.

The list goes on and on with Resident Evil 5, Die Hard 5, Indiana Jones 5, and Austin Powers 4 in the works on some level or another.

Sure there are some sweet ass looking movie series we really want to see like the new Batman, Gi Joe 2, The Bourne Legacy, and heck even Monsters Inc 2. Other series, like James Bond, are expected to continue and we gladly accept them.

Then there are the standard sequels to movies that were good the first time around and you expect another movie such as the Expendables or Sin City. Of course sometimes it just seems like a money grab for certain flicks (we are talking about you Zoolander 2).

When will the madness end? My DVR is already half full of movies that are good enough to record off HBO but not waste money on at the theater or even rent from Netflix. That says a lot because Netflix is pretty damn cheap. How much can they keep throwing at us and expect we can take the time to really watch? I don't have enough sick days to keep up!