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Our Best Funny Videos of this Week

Yup we are back at it again with this week's slew of funny videos! Our crack staff (really just me and our soon to be fired lazy intern James...sorry you have to find out this way) literally spent hours pouring through all of the mindless crap people send to us saying, "This is SOOOOOOO funny!!!" Okay, this is a side note but how come when people have to clarify by using, "SOOOOOOO" with caps and extra O's along with excessive punctuation the items are never that good?

It's like you either feel the need to over-hype something that isn't worth my time OR you are trying to ensure that you get some sort of shout-out for all the hard work you put in of forwarding me a link. Let's just get that out of the way with a shout-out to Tim B. from New York for sending me the most number of completely not funny videos out of everyone! Congratulations Tim, your prize is in the mail.

Enough with the chit-chat and on to our funny videos of the week!


Fail videos set to classic rap songs are a wonderful thing. Even if you aren't crazy about the video fast-forward to the very end for the best fail ever.


Did you want more fails? Well alrighty then!


Here is another nice bit from the boys over at Gentlemen's Rant. Honestly I have no idea WTF they are ranting about...but it was still funny to me.


Best revenge ever! Someone already put this on the wall but I was so impressed by the level of completeness this bro went to in teaching his little brother a lesson that it just has to be reposted.


My week isn't complete without This Week in Unnecessary Censorship from Jimmy Kimmel. Yes, I know I include him a lot in the funny videos each week but really it deserves it.


As always if you know of some funny videos we should see, make sure to post them here on Manwall or send us the links direct! But please remember that the stuff that is SOOOOOOOOOO funny probably isn't.