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Funny Videos of the Week!

Funny videos just make each day a little bit better. The general mantra here at Manwall is, "What can we do to make your day more awesome?" In this case it is to give you some stuff that makes you laugh and pass a few minutes more in the day.

Sometimes you just need to take a break and laugh. Work can be dragging or real life problems might be getting you down. Laughter can solve all of that in an instant. What better way to laugh than watching funny videos?

We popped around the net looking for some of the more interesting and amusing funny videos and this is what we came up with. As usual feel free to rate, tweet, or share this stuff with your Bro's.


An ode to the Beatie Boys and the late MCA as performed by some kiddos:



Fake bunging jumping prank - honestly this is a bit slow so fast-forward to like 3/4 and then watch it: 


An epic parenting fail from a sports fanatic dad with no language filter:

This guys is like Mike Tyson!:



Part II of the Sox fans vs. the Cubs fan: