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Hilariously Funny Video Clips for Labor Day

Labor Day is a time to take a break, put your feet up, down some beer, and basically chill the f*&k out. What is a good way to kick things off and relax? If you are thinking by watching some funny video clips on the Manwall then ring the bell because you just won the prize!

It was a long week because anytime you know a three day weekend that is going to be stacked full of sun, fun, booze, and babes is approaching then every day is like a little torture session. Hopefully these videos will help ease the pain and pass the time. Thanks to our Bro's who sent in some of these great suggestions...keep them coming!

What do we have this week? A whole bunch of funny video clips!


Jenna Marbles is back...this is medium funny but she is cute and provides an interesting perspective (language):


Ever wonder what a rap battle between various figures of history would look like? You can wonder no longer (language):


Fail videos are great and with hurricane season in full effect we are happy someone combined these two things for us:


Freshman Survival from David So (language):


Jon Lajoie writes the song tons of us wish we had (language):


Why do people try and heckle good comedians? This is a year old but still awesome (language):