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Fred Willard and his 'Date' with Slick Mittens

Yeah it happened again. Another Hollywood star, well kind-of in this case, was allegedly spanking the bacon in an adult theater and got himself arrested. That is pretty awesome when you think about it. They actually still have adult theaters! Honestly I find that incredibly mind-boggling. Can't find a drive-in anywhere anymore but you can still catch a porn flick.

The whole arrest thing was rather amusing as well...

So what if he was helping put Mr. Kleenex's kids through college? Isn't that what you are supposed to do at an adult movie theater? Fred is obviously old school and even though he has a Twitter account, maybe he isn't aware how much porn is available on the internet for free. Instead he trotted on over to the Tiki Theater to enjoy a showing of Step Dad No. 2 with a handful of close friends.

What is the appropriate distance from another patron you should sit in an adult theater? Usually at a normal movie I like to get a nice spot with nobody right in front of me or behind. Do you go for a nice 5 seat radius to avoid any 'unintentional' contact? Or do you just wear a raincoat?

Of course in a classic knee-jerk reaction (since everyone likes to jerk it), Willard was reportedly fired from one of his regular gigs on PBS as the host of "Market Warriors". Never saw it, probably never would have, so really no loss as far as I can see.

But he tweeted to his numerous fans (all 64,046 of them) that his version of events was much more PG. Then he had the balls to give the movie a lousy rating as well. Luckily Freddie Fingers is still on ABC with Trust Us With Your Life. Of course sketch comedy needs all the help it can get, even an indecent ratings bump.

The theater has a sign clearly stating the theater is viewed by LAPD (free passes?), no alcohol, no pets, and no weapons. Of course it doesn't say you shouldn't whip out your penis or in this case, 'Free Willy'.

Regardless of the outcome of this case I am positive Willard will still have plenty of work available to him. In fact, I am surprised that Saturday Night Live hasn't been knocking on his door lately. Is it just me, or does Fred look a whole lot like an older Mitt Romney? If he doesn't get any political gigs I am sure some of his Hollywood buddies will lend him a helping hand to find a solid roll in some show.